Our international suppliers provide technical support through the constant monitoring of our equipment.  This is backed by name brands we work with, which provide on-going maintenance supervision to all operations within our facilities.                                                  Developed material is properly labeled and is always accompanied by a rigorous Quality Control of the following documents:


  • Sensitometer Control Graphic, through which our clients can make an in curve comparative to assess process stability.
  • Visual inspection report after the development process, precise and detailed to present our clients with useful information during filming and/or future processes.
  • Key No. List to facilitate the telecinematic process.

These materials are assembled in accordance to post-production specifications and standards. This ensures proper handling of developed material, and translates into saving time and money at the post-production facilities.


35mm, Súper 35mm, 16mm, Super 16mm

Developing Types:


  • Normal development
  • Silver Retain development (Skip Bleach)
  • Pull 1 stop, 2 Stop (Less development time)
  • Push 1 Stop (More development time)

Arrival of materials


As soon as materials arrive to our facilities, they are properly registered and scheduled for processing, utilizing rigorous administrative controls, that are supervised by all of the areas involved. Our programmed services allow us to guarantee a timely delivery to all our clients.


Negative Developing


In this process we enter the exposed material of the different formats commonly used; camera negative in 16mm or 35 mm, sound and subtitle overlays.  


Within the main services we provide, and take pride in accomplishing with the up most quality, is the intermediation process. A process that is fully controlled to achieve optimal results.

Positive Film


From the negative image or internegative, we can generate a composite print or dailies that comply with international standards, or are in line with our clients’ preferences.




As a result of the changes in the traditional movie making process and its systems, we have developed this department in accordance to the present forms of labor.  Furthermore, with the experience obtained with these new technologies, we are capable of providing positive results and solutions to create a composite print from precise data.



Currently only a few laboratories are performing the traditional format.  The actual demand is full of new requirements that we continuously identify and work on, together with the most important postproduction houses in Mexico.  This way, the department is converting itself in the area of integration and treatment of material.  However, if required by a client, we will offer the traditional editing. 



This is the most important step for the quality of national cinema and the feature printing process of international cinema.  We are motivated to increase the level of projection quality currently in Mexico.  Because of this, we rely on modern and sophisticated systems that allow us to control all the production projects in real time.



Everything in our laboratory is considered key to our success, therefore, we are constantly checking our projection room in order to deliver a professional, high-end projection. The principal characteristics are: 5.1 extended sound, Dolby equalizer, standardized light level to 16 foot-lamberts, color temperature of 5400 K and Dolby standards. 


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